Attorney Network

Like many of the national referral and legal help online services, the Noonan Willetts Attorney Network is a referral network. However, our network is designed to be a more direct and local platform to find an attorney that can assist you with your legal issues when Noonan Willetts does not have experience in that particular area of law. Noonan Willetts is simply providing a list of attorneys that expands our ability to service more areas of the law, compartmentally and conveniently for our clients. A typical example is that Noonan Willetts may be doing a divorce where we need a tax attorney. Noonan Willetts does not have a tax attorney on staff but because of the Attorney Network, the client can seamlessly take care of both issues at Noonan Willetts. The Noonan Willetts Attorney Network is a diverse network of attorneys that have been established through the course of continued professional engagement. Noonan Willetts assists the Network Attorney by handling the case management while the Network Attorney handles the legal work on your case. There is no additional charge to the client and the fee for services is split between Noonan Willetts and the Network Attorney. Noonan Willetts does not guarantee any of its work or that of the Network attorney. A Client of Noonan Willetts is NEVER obligated to use a Network Attorney, the network attorneys are provided simply for the client’s convenience.

The Attorney Network List updated often, please inquire here ( to become part of our Attorney Network.