MVA (Administrative) Hearings

Administrative hearings are required by the Department of Motor Vehicles when the license holder has committed a violation(s) of the state transportation laws that affect the status of the license holder. Most States assess points for violations and when those points reach a certain amount, your license could be suspended, revoked, or other action taken. Whether your speeding tickets have piled up, you were stopped for DUI, drove on an already suspended/revoked license, or violated one of the thousands of other traffic or criminal laws while operating a motor vehicle, our experienced Administrative Hearings attorneys at Noonan Willetts will thoroughly evaluate, explain, and answer any questions you may have about the hearing process, and its affect on your driving privilege. We are trial attorneys, so we will always be prepared to take your case to trial should that prove to be your best option. We will discuss all options available to defend your case and try our best to ease the impact of this incident throughout the process. Our attorneys have experience litigating/appealing the most serious violations at all levels of the state court system and the tact to always try an amicable resolution if possible.