An expungement in its simplest explanation is the removal of criminal charge information from all law enforcement and court records. You may never clear your entire (digital) footprint from the charges/incident, however, more states are expanding the list of eligible offenses that can be expunged and most states offer the ability to apply for expungement with a few simple forms (a petition and a waiver in most cases). Also, the Court may require a hearing to explain why you are applying for expungement in more detail. Whether you are trying to close the chapter on a bad experience or trying to keep your record clean for employment/school, expungements can help in many ways. The experienced criminal attorneys and staff at Noonan Willetts are happy to provide guidance through this process should you need it.

You can find helpful expungement information by clicking on each of the state’s helpful links – MD / WV

MD – https://mdcourts.gov/legalhelp/expungement

WV – http://www.courtswv.gov/lower-courts/expungement/index-expungement.html