“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever they can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser – in fees, expenses and waste of time.” – Abraham Lincoln, July 1, 1850

Mediation is not about winning and losing, but rather, about having an opportunity to identify solutions that work for everyone. Mediation is a process in which a trained neutral person, a “mediator,” helps people in a dispute to communicate with one another, to understand each other, and if possible, to reach agreements that satisfy everyone’s needs. Mediators are facilitators that should not provide any input into the resolution process other than to help the parties understand each other’s position, needs, and desired solution. Mediation is most often more private/confidential, cost effective, and less stressful than litigation. And, in line with our core belief that people should work out their differences to the extent allowable, mediation allows the parties to have complete control over the outcome of the issue. Many business disputes, family conflicts, neighborhood disputes, and personal disputes can be effectively resolved in mediation. If you do not reach an agreement in mediation, (in most instances) you can still avail yourself of litigation options. The various judiciaries around the country have recognized that in appropriate cases people may achieve more satisfactory outcomes in a less time consuming and less expensive manner by using mediation. The courts function as problem solvers and realize the underlying problems in many disputes cannot be resolved by the decision of a judge or jury. Mediation provides the public with an opportunity to resolve many disputes permanently and effectively and provides the courts with a mechanism to relieve overburdened dockets and help prevent disputes from escalating. Bottom line: You can’t lose in Mediation! Don’t make your situation worse by ignoring the value of legal assistance, call us today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

Beau A. Noonan was trained at the Capital University Law School Center for Dispute Resolution and holds a forty-hour (40+ hr.) mediator certification from the Supreme Court of Ohio as well as a twenty-hour (20+ hr.) family law mediator certification. Mr. Noonan graduated from Capital with a concentration in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), focusing on mediation. As an attorney, Mr. Noonan has been involved in mediation from many sides of the table. Beau enjoys the collaborative, solution-focused side of the law and tries to impart that way of thinking in his every day practice. Let our experienced attorneys help facilitate a cost-effective, confidential resolution.