DNR/Recreatonal Law

Most people underestimate the seriousness of illegal wildlife and natural resource violations and their potential impact on your criminal and/or driving record. Whether snowmobiling, boating, or hunting/fishing illegally, natural resource laws control most public land recreation. Noonan Willetts is located in three states with beautiful public recreation areas. If you are charged with a violation of state natural resource (fish & game) laws, the attorneys at Noonan Willetts, who can also relate as avid outdoor enthusiasts themselves, will thoroughly evaluate, explain, and answer any questions you may have about the charges/process and discuss all options with you. Our attorneys have experience litigating the most serious crimes, from operating a boat under the influence to hunting without a license, at all levels of the state court system and the tact to always try an amicable resolution if possible.

  • Boating Violations
    • Operating a watercraft Under the Influence
    • Operating a watercraft without the required safety course
    • Operating a watercraft underage
    • Improper Equipment
  • ATV Violations
    • Operating an ATV Under the Influence
    • Operating an ATV underage
    • Operating an ATV without proper registration
  • Hunting Violations
    • Hunting without a proper permit
    • Hunting without a proper firearm license
    • Improper baiting of wildlife
    • Fishing Violations
    • Fishing without proper permit/stamp
    • Fishing with improper bait